• Sautéed Juicy Baby Clams served with Rice Chips

    Pho is pleasing medley of Beef/Chicken and flat rice noodles served in a healthy broth. Noodles are served with bean sprouts, basils, lime wedges and jalapeno slices. For extra spices, you may add hot sauce and hoisin sauce at the table to your soup.


  • Savory New Zealand Mussels with House special Spicy Sauce

    Bún dishes are served with your choice of meat and/ or seafood combinations, blend of herds and lettuce, and a light lime- anchovy’s sauce.


  • Stir fried Noodle

    Stir Fried egg Noodles with a choice of sliced boneless chicken, beef tenderloin, pork or Tofu with onions, broccolis, carrots, celeries, and bean sprouts. (Crispy yellow Noodles are available as request)


Welcome to Pho Alderwood

Authentic Vietnamese Food Lovingly Prepared by Our Family for Your Family

The most quality, very high expectation, and excellent Vietnamese cuisins prepare by our family for your family with the lowest cost possible. We want your having a great atmostphere, enjoyable quality food, and excellent service when you are at our restaurant.

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